Peter Huggins is also a middle grade novelist and award-winning children's book author.

Thibodeaux and the Fish


Thibodeaux lives on Bayou Fryou in Louisiana and dearly loves going on adventures with his dog Sally. He has heard the tales about Pantagruel, an uncatchable catfish of legendary proportions. Pantagruel has outwitted some of the best fishermen around and still has the hooks in his mouth to prove it! Thibodeaux and Sally think they just might be the ones to finally catch that big old fish but who really catches who? Children will love going along on the adventure. Artist Mary Ann Casey has captured the essence of the bayou in her whimsical paintings which make the story of Thibodeaux and the Fish by Peter Huggins really come alive for all readers.


"Peppered with French Creole words and references to New Orleans cuisine, this story offers a glimpse into Louisiana bayou folklore. While young readers will enjoy hearing of Thibodeaux's solo adventure, Casey's illustrations give the story a distinctive mood . . . A delightful story of an antagonist who becomes a little less antagonistic because of one smart and kind boy."

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)



Trosclair and the Alligator


Join Trosclair and his dog Ollie for an adventure in the bayous of Louisiana where they come face-to-face with Gargantua the alligator.


The animated adaption of Trosclair and the Alligator was featured on the PBS show Between the Lions. The book received a Mom's Choice Award, and was selected as a best book by the Bank Street College of Education and by the CCBC at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


"The language is rich with imagery and vernacular that begs to be read aloud. Huggins provides a careful balance between evocative dialect and a readable tale. The mixed-media artwork combines watercolors, ink, and cut paper in a visual gumbo, layered with heat and cool, humor and fear. A successful pairing of text and illustrations."

School Library Journal


". . .  this swampy romp of an impish boy outwitting the gnarly gator is plain ole Cajun fun."


Kirkus Reviews




In the Company of Owls


A coming of age story involving Aaron Cash, a boy growing up in rural Tennessee who wants above all to be like his father. Aaron's clash with a disturbed neighbor, Morgan Blackburn, a man who in many ways has never grown up, leads Aaron to make the most difficult decision of his young life. 


"Peter Huggins's poetic background is evident in this novel that employs both brevity and depth to tell a story that isn't afraid to show humans as the complex beings they are. In The Company of Owls takes the reader into the dark world of owls and leaves us standing in the light. Morgan Blackburn is a character you won't soon forget."


Irene Latham author of Don't Feed the Boy