Peter Huggins is best-known for his gravitas as a poet. He currently has six published works of poetry.

A Gift of Air


The fifth installment of the Solomon & George Chapbook Series was a collaboration between Peter Huggins and artist Allyson Comstock. The Series pairs one visual artist with one literary artist. Placed on facing pages, twelve handmade paper pieces by Comstock accompany twelve poems by Huggins.


Audubon's Engraver


This latest book of poetry adds to the body of work of a masterful poet. Drawing inspiration from the places and people he knows best—the South, loved ones, mythological figures and artists—Huggins takes us on an intimate tour that touches the reader in deep places of understanding. 


"One way to describe the poems in Peter Huggins’ Audubon’s Engraver is to use the title from one of its poems, “The Pathology of Everyday Life.” This is because many of the poems begin in everyday activities but, by their ends, will inexplicably rise into an unexpected vision. And sometimes these epiphanies appear in the everyday lives of historical figures, like Audubon, Lot, Aeneas, Socrates, and Thoreau, who then arrive to a place of self-understanding, where, as Huggins’ Thoreau announces, “I look at myself and see / No one worse than me.” Huggins’ poems will enable you to feel the same."



Tom Holmes founding editor of Redactions: Poetry & Poetics,

and author of The Cave, 2013 winner of

The Bitter Oleander Press Library of Poetry Book Award



A native of Mississippi who grew up in New Orleans and now resides in Auburn, Alabama, Huggins has earned an intimate knowledge of his subject in this collection of poetry.


"Peter Huggins loves the South, especially New Orleans and Alabama, and his love lights up South. His love is set against his deep knowledge of the region's violent frontier and racial history, but rather than be tainted by the past, his love becomes a part, a fine and lenitive part, of that history. I cannot think of a sweeter and more loving book of poetry published in the last quarter of a century."


Andrew Hudgins author of Ecstatic in the Poison,

and National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize nominee

Necessary Acts


A collection of poems that remind us what it is to be human.

"Necessary Acts is ripe with characters, from Dante to Sherlock Holmes to Elvisand ripe with poetical occasions, from a persona poem that conveys the indignation of the animals Noah left behind to a narrative poem that recalls killing white rabbits at Tulane Medical School. Peter Huggins is unstoppable."

Beth Ann Fennelly author of Tender Hooks

Blue Angels

ISBN- 978-0913515211

Travel with Peter Huggins on the poetic journey of a lifetime. 

"These poems variously marvel at, meditate on, and grieve over significant moments in life. In clear, straightforward, but often surprising lines, Peter Huggins offers his take on a world in which loss and salvation are next-door neighbors, and angels turn up in the strangest places."

Jennifer Horne author of Bottle Tree: Poems

Hard Facts


Poems that examine the human condition with grace and humor. 

"This first collection of poems by Peter Huggins reveals a distinctive new Southern voice. His poems pass freely from registers of homegrown surrealistic wit to intensities of feeling, plainly expressed: he is capable of making high comedy out of the dead who return to vote in our elections and of mourning the living, who 'take/Their place among a thousand weary stars.' This is a book to read and read again."


Charles Martin poet and translator of Ovid and Catullus