A Gift of Air


A Gift of Air, part of the Solomon & George Chapbook Series, is the sixth poetry publication by Peter Huggins. The Series pairs a visual artist with a literary artist and features twelve works by each.  Placed on facing pages, handmade paper pieces by visual artist Allyson Comstock accompany poems by  Peter Huggins.




Huggins's work is dynamic and nuanced, both in loud moments and in the quiet ones. His is a voice of full range and an art well worth your attention.


Dr. Jack B. Bedell author of Bone-Hollow, True: New & Selected Poems

and Director of Louisiana Literature Press



Peter Huggins is a raritya poet who writes with the clarity of a silver bell.


Thomas Rabbitt author of Prepositional Heaven



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Peter Huggins's fourth book of poetry focuses on sense of place, and the place(s) he knows best.